Galerie Günter Puhze
Ancient Art

Object: A 7137

Head of a young woman

Greek, 4th century BC

Fine-grained marble. An exquisitely carved, youthful idealized head of a woman, slightly inclined to the right. Her face is rendered in a sensitive and thoroughly classical manner with beautiful delicate features. She has a tender, oval face with a gentle smile, closed lips, and low brows. The eyes with well defined lids. Her hair is centrally parted and dressed in fine waves at either side. It is encircled by a broad ribbon and drawn back in a bun at the back head. The bottom half of the ears appear beneath the hair. Two dowel-holes atop her head and a deep large hole in the base of the picked neck where presumably for the insertion of an attribute in a different material. These details suggest that the head is part of an acrolithic statue – a type of sculpture that was assembled from several different materials. Imperfection at back of the head and cracks at neck with modern infill; bun missing.

cf. The British Museum no. 1859,1226.672

Provenance: German private collection L. B., acquired prior to 1949.

H 28 cm

Price on request