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Ancient Art

Object: B 7224

Loutrophore by the Baltimore Painter

Apulian, late 4th century BC

Vase and foot worked separately. Loutrophore of monumental size.
Side A: white lotus palmette ornament on the neck, below rhombic decoration confined by a meander pattern. On the shoulder tendrils with calyx. In the centre female head to the right. Below frieze of rosettes, below a kymation. In the middle a naiskos: a woman with legs crossed standing next to a column, holding an umbrella. Sitting opposite her a woman on a throne, an open box on her lap. Below the naiskos meander patterns.
Side B: funerary stele with gable, a black taenia tied around it. On each side a standing woman.
Between A and B: a sitting woman with fan and mirror, to the left a standing woman with mirror and box. Below a naked youth holding a large phiale in one hand and a patera in the other. Opposite side: sitting woman with fan and phiale, next to her woman with tympanon and grapes. At the bottom woman with phiale and grapes.

Published: A. D. Trendall, A. Cambitoglou, Second Supplement to the Red-Figured Vases of Apulia, London 1992 p. 281, no. 48j
K. Schauenburg, Studien zur unteritalischen Vasenmalerei, Kiel 2002, S.28-29, Abb. 42 a-e

Provenance: Swiss private collection M. C., Geneva, acquired in the 1960s.

H 103 cm

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