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Object: 4293

Calyx krater by the Underworld - Painter

Apulian, 4th century B.C.

Repaired. Side A: Dionysus being abducted by pirates.  Dionysus sleeping on a bed of state. Drinking vessels next to the bed suggest that a banquet had taken place. Behind him a pirate with sword. On the right two  pirates loading the ship. Its bow and a gangboard are depicted on the right. A dolphin hints at the transformation of the pirates into dolphins later on. To the left of Dionysus a maenad, who has dropped a tambourine, is taken to the ship. Above the scene two men fighting: on the right a naked satyr with a panther skin  and a box, on the left a naked youth with a sword in his left and a stone in his right hand. To the left of them two maenads with thyrsos, the one on the left wearing a theatre mask, to the right a maenad with tambourine. Side B: two naked youths, two maenads and a flying Eros.


LIMC, Supplement 2009 vol. 1, p. 176/177, vol. 2 p. 86


Konrad Schauenburg, Numismatica e antiquità classiche, Quaderni Ticineri 208 - here it is attributed to the Darius Painter, the scene is interpreted differently

Belgian private collection, Liège, acquired in the early 1970s.

H 59,5 cm

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