Galerie Günter Puhze
Ancient Art

Object: 7102

White-ground lekythos attributed to the Reed Painter

Attic, 420 – 400 BC

Pottery, drawing in red outline, hair in red silhouette, black for neck, mouth, handle and lower part of the vessel. Recomposed from fragments in shoulder area; handle and small fragment restored; drawing very well preserved without retouching; surface slightly worn. In the centre of the scene is a stele, surmounted by a double step moulding, a column on each side, acanthus-leaves on top of the stele. On the right a woman with curly hair, dressed in a long chiton with a himation over her arms. Her right arm towards the stele; her left hand is raised over her shoulder. On the right, a young man leaning on a stick and dressed in a himation. His right arm raised as if conversing with her. Above two horizontal lines and below one line.


Exhibition catalogue of the Städtischen Galerie Biel: Kunstwerke der Antike in Bieler Privatbesitz, 1962, no. 54

J. D. Beazley, Attic Red-Figured Vase-Painters, Volume II, Oxford 1963, P. 1692 no. 101 bis.

Exhibition catalogue: Antike Kunst aus Privatbesitz Bern – Biel – Solothurn, 1967, no. 132


Collection Dr. Raymond Muehlon, Biel/Bienne (1911-1983), acquired at Martinos, Athen, autumn 1961.

H 28,5 cm      

Price € 16.000