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Ancient Art

Object: 7112 C

Head of a girl

Greek, late 4th century BC

Fine-grained marble. Restoration on the upper front part. Head of a statue of a girl known as “Little Bears” dedicated to an Artemis sanctuary for example the one in Brauron. The girl wears her hair pulled back in a lobed, braided hairstyle called a melon coiffure. A double braid also encircles her head behind her ears. The face with fine features; a slightly protruding chin and a gentle smile.

cf. C. Vermeule and A. Brauer, Stone Sculptures: The Greek, Roman, and Etruscan Collections of the Harvard University Art Museums, 1990, no. 27

Private collection A. A. S., Spain, acquired between the 1960s and 1980s.

Accompanied by Spanish export licence.

H 16 cm

Price on request