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Object: 7177

Amphora attributed to the Circle of The Antimenes Painter

Attic, 520 – 510 BC

Pottery, added red and white. Black-figured amphora attributed to the Circle of The Antimenes Painter (Group of Toronto 305). Designs black on red panels, with borders of lotus-buds along the top. Above the foot black rays with line in added red; beneath the panels two red lines.
A: In the centre a quadriga seen from the front, in which are a charioteer looking to left, with long white chiton, holding Kentron (goad), and a warrior to right, of whom only the helmet and the two spears held in his hand are visible. Added red for horse´s mane; the zig-zag decoration in added white at horse´s gear is worn away. On either side, facing the quadriga, stands a Scythian.
B: Farewell of a young warrior. In the centre, a nude youth on horseback to left, with two spears in left hand. Added red for horse´s mane and tail. In front of him a female figure in a long chiton with incised decoration, and himation with red spots; the right arm and hand in added white are worn away. Remain of added white at right foot. Behind him an archer in short embroidered chiton with Scythian cap, bow and Gorytos (bow-case) and a warrior to left, with Corinthian helmet, shield with rare depicting of a Kylix in added red and white, spear, and greaves.
Recomposed of fragments; large areas of modern infill; right handle and part of rim modern.

Catalogue Kunst der Antike 1, Freiburg im Breisgau 1977, no. 116
Johannes Burow, Archäologischer Anzeiger 1992, no. 8, pl. 9a.b

South German private collection Dr. K., acquired at Galerie Günter Puhze 1980.

H 45,5 cm

Price € 26.000