Galerie Günter Puhze
Ancient Art

Object: 7184


Apulian, circa 370 BC

Black-glazed clay. Red-figured oinochoe with globular body, vertical handle, trefoil mouth and flat ring base. Panel with borders of egg-moulding above and strips down the sides; beneath the scene a red line. A nude silenus runs to left, he is bearded, with a situla in his right hand, and a stick in his left hand. Intact, small chip at rim missing.

W. Hornbostel, Catalogue Kunst der Antike, Hamburg 1977, no. 303
Auction catalogue Carola van Ham, Köln, Germany, 24 November 1995, Lot 484

South German private collection Dr. K., acquired 1995 at Carola van Ham, Cologne, Germany.

H 15 cm

Price € 4.400