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Ancient Art

Object: 7185

Bell krater

Apulian, circa 380 BC

Black-glazed clay, details in added white. Red-figured bell krater. Below the designs wave-pattern; underneath the rim laurel-pattern; below the handles palmettes.
A: In the middle of the scene a sitting Aphrodite in a long girt chiton, a white diadem in her long curly hair, necklace and bracelets. She holds in her left hand a mirror. To her right stands a winged Eros with his hair gathered with a white dotted cloth in a bunch behind. He wears a string of beads round his body, hips and thigh; bracelets, and a bangle around his right leg. In his right hand a tambourine, in his left he holds a patera. To her left a nude Pan with tail and goats horn in added white. He wears a wreath in added white in his short curly hair; in his right hand a richly decorated cista and in his left a wreath. In the field rosettes, ivy leaves and dotted lines.
B: Two ephebi conversing, each with himation and staff; between them hangs a tainia and a palmette on the ground, two rosettes behind their heads.
Body intact, rim recomposed of fragments.

Auction catalogue 324. Nagel Kunstauktion, 27 – 29 September 1988, Lot 4992   

cf. The British Museum no. 1867,0508.1300

South German private collection Dr. K., acquired 1988 at Stuttgarter Kunstauktionshaus Dr. Fritz Nagel.

H 34 cm

Price € 6.800