Galerie Günter Puhze
Ancient Art

Object: 4189

Neck amphora

Attic-Geometric, late 8th century BC

Pottery, red brown paint. Amphora decorated on the neck with the rare depiction of a standing horse on each side. In the field geometric pattern, wavy line and a lozenge pattern on one side framed by vertical lines. On shoulder zone a hunting scene – on one side a dog to right and on the other a hare to right. The corpus, rim and handles decorated with circular lines, vertical lines and bars, triangles and zig zag lines. A small area of modern infill beneath one handle, otherwise unbroken and intact.

cf. CVA Mannheim 1, Tf. 2,3 + Tf. 3,2

Provenance: Private collection L. G. (1863-1942), then private collection Prof. Dr. H.

H 27,5 cm

Price 24.000