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Ancient Art

Object: 7267

Head of a goddess

Cypriot, 5th century BC

Limestone. Head of a statuette of a goddess with youthful-looking, oval-shaped face, large almond-shaped eyes and slightly protruding cheekbones. The closed mouth with narrow lips forms a smile. The hair, indicated by incised lozenge-shaped pattern, falls down to the neck. The ears covered with a twisted strand of hair or with a kind of ear jewellery. In front of each ear a thick strand of hair. On the head a three-row calathos. Around the neck a necklace from which the pendant is preserved. Slightly weathered. On the bottom of the base an old faded inscription: Chypre 5 siècle av. J.-C. – according to typeface and preservation 1970s or earlier.

Published: Estate auction Villanfray & Associés, Paris, 10 April 2019, Lot 244

cf. Catalogue des Antiquités de Chypre, Sculpture, Musée du Louvre, Département des
antiquités orientales, Paris 1989, no. 826 and 822

Old French private collection, 1970s, probably even earlier.

H 9,5 cm

Price € 3.600