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Ancient Art

Object: B 7286

Krater of the Leagros Group in the manner of the Nikoxenos painter

Attic, circa 500-490 BC

Black-glazed clay, added white and red. Black-figured column krater attributed by Dr. Robert Guy.
Designs in black on red panels, with borders of tongue pattern along the top and two rows of ivy-leaves down the sides. Above the foot black rays with line in added red; beneath the panels a red line. Round the upper edge of the lip lotus-buds, and on the top of the handles, palmettes; round front of lip two rows of ivy-leaves.
Side A: Two Amazones on horseback riding to right. The nude parts of their body are painted white. Depicted in cuirass over a short tied chiton with purple spots, incised crosses and adorned hem. They wear high-crested helmets with decoration in added red. In their right hands two spears, holding the reins in left hands, on left arms a shield decorated with incised lines. Added red for the first horse´s mane and the second horse´s tail.
In the back are ball-like fruit in added white attached to vine branches - a common motif of the Nikoxenos painter.
Side B: Komos. A group of five nude young komast with beard, short hair and long white necklaces. In the centre a komast to left plays the double aulos. Left of him two dancers; the first with his head turned back; the second with an embroidered cloth over his left arm. On the right two men, one sitting with raised right hand and looking up to the man  standing above him, holding a skyphos(?) in his right hand and an embroidered cloth over his left arm. Corpus intact; rim of side A recomposed from fragments with small area of modern infill.

cf. BAPD – Beazley Archive Pottery Database: 9039

French private collection D., Paris, acquired in the 1940s.

H 34 cm

Price on request