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Figure of Bastet

Egypt, Late Period, circa 664 – 332 BC
Solid cast bronze.
H 8.1 cm

Figure of a cat-headed woman with large ears standing upright on a plate. In her left hand she holds an aegis to the breast; a basket hangs from her left lower arm; in her right raised hand she holds a sistrum; she wears the typical clothing – a long, tight-fitting, short-sleeved garment with incised elaborated pattern and v-neckline at front and back. Intact.



S. Schoske, D. Wildung, catalogue oft he exhibition: Gott und Götter im alten Ägypten, Sammlung Resandro, Mainz, von Zabern, 1992, no. 4


Scottish private collection Major J. F. DSO (1915-1990), Aberdeen, acquired in the 1950s-1960s.

€ 6.500