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Shabti for Mery Mery

New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, circa 1539 – 1292 BC
Acacia wood, bitumen.
H 22.8 cm

Excellent shabti for the high official Mery Mery in traditional form with his arms crossed over the chest, his unveiled hands forming fists, wearing a tripartite wig, the tender face with full lips and mild expression of the eyes. The finely carved, nine horizontal lines of hieroglyphic inscription contain the spell of Chapter 6 of the “Book of the Dead, Version IV C”. Foot part missing, face a bit worn.


H. A. Schlögl, Geschichte und Wege, Berlin 2012, no. 63


South German private collection Dr. S., acquired 2005, before French private collection J. D. († 2016), acquired in the 1980s on the Paris art market.

€ 14.000