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Shabti for Nesbanebdjed

Late Period, 30th Dynasty, circa 380 – 343 BC
Light blue glazed composition shabti.
H 16.5 cm

Shabti of Nesbanebdjed depicted in mummy form with back-pillar on a base. The body is wrapped in a close-fitting garment with a single row and a column of incised hieroglyphic inscription. His arms across his chest, holding in his hands a hoe, flail and the string of a richly crafted seed-basket which hangs over the left shoulder. He wears a tripartite wig and a plaited false beard. Intact, brown stains on left arm, lower body and base.


Galerie Günter Puhze catalogue Kunst der Antike 11, Freiburg im Breisgau 1995, no. 355   


The British Museum Registration number: 1919,1008.1 Uschebti for Nes-ba-neb-djed

Lit.: J.-F. and L. Aubert, Statuettes égyptiennes, Paris, 1974, pp. 255-6, pl. 66, no. 155-6.


German private collection R. R., acquired 1998 on the German art market.

€ 6.500