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Horse-head amphora

Attic, circa 570 BC
Black glazed clay; added red.
H 22.5 cm

Black figured amphora with depiction of a horse's head in a panel on each side. The mane, bridle, eyes and mouth are indicated with incised lines. The mane is decorated with red colour. On the neck inside and outside and below the fields two surrounding red lines; a surrounding line above the foot; low-set handles. 

A typical example of this Early Attic vase type, but unusually small. The horse-head amphorae come from the circle of the Gorgo-Painter and were probably intended as winner‘s prizes. Recomposed from fragments; infill and over painting along the repair lines; a section of infill to rim; little over painting on one handle.



J. Boardman, Schwarzfigurige Vasen aus Athen, Mainz 1974, no. 18

The British Museum no. 1964,0415.1


German private collection H. W. (1931-2018), acquired prior to December 1991 on the German art market.

Accompanied by an Art Loss Register certificate.

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