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Phi – Idol

Mycenaean, Late Helladic III, circa 1400 – 1300 BC
Terracotta, painted with brown colour.
H 8.7 cm

A stylised female Phi-figurine with flat upper body and cylindrical lower body; breasts indicated. The upper body decorated on both sides with wavy lines and the lower body with vertical stripes. From the back of the head to the lower end of the upper body a long plait decorated with horizontal lines. These idols are known as Phi-idols, because of their similarity to the Greek letter Phi Φ. Unbroken, chip at the lower rim of the garment.


The British Museum number: 1864,0220.33

H.-G. Buchholz, V. Karageorghis, Altägäis und Altkypros, Tübingen 1971, no. 1262 a - b

Exhibition catalogue Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe: Mykene, die sagenhafte Welt des Agamemnon, p. 194 ff and p. 342 no. 248



German private collection H. W. (1931-2018), acquired in the 1980s.

Accompanied by an Art Loss Register certificate.

€ 4.500