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Statuette of Venus

Roman, 2nd century AD
Solid-cast bronze; green-brown mottled red patina.
H 28 cm statuette H 24 cm base H 4.2 cm

A very attractive statuette of the nude goddess Venus. She stands on a round base with her weight on her right leg. Her left leg is bent slightly at the knee, the foot set behind with only the tip of her toe touching the base. Her head tilted slightly to her left. The wavy hair is surmounted by a diadem with five palmettes with incised decoration. An Isis crown probably once crowned the diadem. In her left hand a mirror, decorated with seven star-like prongs. Forefinger and thumb of her right hand forming a circle, originally holding an unknown object.

Figure and base unbroken, in the 19th century newly connected with screws to one another.


A. de Ridder, Collection de Clercq, tome III, Les bronzes, Paris 1905, nº 108 


The British Museum Nr. EA32584  


Collection Louis de Clercq (1836-1901), France, acquired 1868.

Accompanied by a French Export licence.

Accompanied by an Art Loss Register certificate.

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