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Ancient Art

Object: 6334

Statuette of a striding man

Old Kingdom, late 6th Dynasty, circa 2348 – 2198 BC

Wood with traces of gesso, blue and red paint, bone and ebony for the eyes. Statuette of a slender man in walking pose with the left leg advanced, dressed in a kilt. His bent left arm is made of two parts and dowelled. The figure is represented with a curled blue wig. The eyes are inlayed with bone and ebony, the ebony having been carved into pins and dowelled into the wood through the bone. Eyebrows, nose and mouth are carved. An impressive sculpture of high quality. Feet missing, cracks in the wood, right arm restored, otherwise very well preserved.

cf. William C. Hayes, The Scepter of Egypt – Part I, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 1953, figure 66    H. Schlögl, Geschenk des Nils – Aegyptische Kunstwerke aus Schweizer Besitz, Basel 1978, Nr. 112



Private collection H., Belgium, acquired prior to 1983.


H 45.1 cm



Price on request