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Object: 7251

Isis suckling Horus

Late Period, 26th dynasty, circa 664 – 525 BC

Greywacke. The goddess seated on a throne with back pillar. She has the child Horus on her lap. Isis is represented characteristically as a mother presenting her breast to suckle her son. She wears a long close-fitting garment and smooth tripartite wig with uraeus. The tenon on top of her head would have fitted into a separate crown of probably different material. The child Horus wears a cap, a curled sidelock of hair, denoting his childhood and a uraeus over the forehead. His right hand is placed underneath the right arm of Isis. The eyes, eyebrows and cosmetic lines in relief, the lips, and fingernails outlined. The headdress of Isis missing; the face of the child has been re-attached to the head, possibly in antiquity.


Sotheby Parke Bernet, New York, 11 December 1976, Property from the Estate of Michel Abemayor; lot 292

cf. The British Museum no. EA60751
    Brooklyn Museum accession no. 37.938E


Property from the Estate of Michel Abemayor (1912-1975), New York.


H 22.2 cm



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