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Ancient Art

Object: 7300

Offering table

Ptolemaic Period, circa 332 - 30 BC

Limestone. Offering table for the symbolic feeding of the deceased with magical, eternal replacements for the actual offerings and inscriptions. The upper-side is framed by a channel, which was cut into the stone for oil and other liquid offerings. The top carved in raised relief with a lotus flower. To the sides two tall wine-jars and eight circular loaves of bread. Above cuts of meat and two breads. On the right side inscription with the name of the female owner Weret-Aau. On the left side remains of text, asking the goddess Mut for water. Left side of the table in relief the representation of the owner making offerings to Osiris. The lower side with names and titles of the family of the owner. Losses to the edge; some cracks.

Auktionshaus Dr Hüll, Cologne, 17 September 2014, lot 433.

cf. The British Museum number: EA1058

Private collection G. and H. H., Cologne, acquired 2014 at Auktionshaus Dr. Hüll, Cologne.
Before German private collection, acquired on the German art market prior to 1973.

L 26.7 cm   W 28 cm

Price € 14.000