Galerie Günter Puhze
Ancient Art

Object: 7240

Dropper flask

Roman, 3rd – 4th century AD

Colourless thick-walled glass, iridescence.

Spherical body decorated with moulded lattice
pattern. From the flat bottom to the lattice pattern a ray pattern. A narrowed opening at the
base of the funnel-shaped neck with broad rim folded out. Mould-blown. Intact.

cf. Axel von Saldern, Gläser der Antike – Sammlung Erwin Oppenländer, Hamburg 1974, no. 479
Exhibition catalogue  – 3000 Jahre Glaskunst von der Antike bis zum Jugendstil, Kunstmuseum Luzern 1981, no. 302    


German private collection G. Z., acquired 1977 on the German art market.

H 9.8 cm

Price € 1,500