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Ancient Art

Object: 7272

Mule´s head from a fulcrum

Roman, 1st century BC – 1st century AD

Bronze and iron. This mule´s head would originally have decorated a side of the headrest of a Roman klinē (couch), more precisely the upper part of the headrest support (fulcrum). The head is depicted with open mouth with incised teeth. At the upper head a decorative ornament; a part of the mane tied in a bunch and bound with a ribbon; incised decoration for the hairs of the mane; muscles and folds of skin on the curving neck are carefully characterized. Below the mule´s neck a collar and a panther´s skin with pow. Unbroken; tip of right ear and small part of mane missing. The fulcrum was attached to the klinē with two iron pins at the backside.

cf. D. G. Mitten, S. F. Doeringer, Master Bronzes from the classical world, Zabern – Mainz
1967, no. 174

Collection M. S., Vienna, acquired from Dr. A. A., Munich, in the late 1970s – 1980s.

H 9,5 cm

Price € 18.000