Galerie Günter Puhze
Ancient Art

Object: 7290

Head vase

Roman from North Africa, circa 270 – 320 AD

Red-slip-ware. Made in a two part-mould. The front and back of this head vase were made separately. It is covered entirely in red slip. Plastic vase in the form of a female head with large conical neck. Separately worked ribbed handle and flat base. The young face with big almond shaped eyes, unibrows, straight nose, small mouth and pointed chin with dimple. The elaborate hairstyle consists of several tresses braided and wound around the head.  Signed on the neck: „EX OFICI / NA OLIT / RESIS.”
Workshop of Olitresis. Intact. Inscription slightly worn.   

cf. P. La Baume, J. W. Salomonson, Römische Kleinkunst – Sammlung Karl Löffler, Köln, Band III, no. 627

German private collection Dr. M. P. since the 1970s, acquired on the German art market.

H 23.7 cm

Price € 6.800