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Ancient Art

Object: 7302

Statuette of Venus Pudica

Roman, 1st - 2nd century AD

White, fine grained island marble, remains of red colour for the lips.
The goddess Venus is depicted as a classical statuette of the undraped Pudica –Type and follows the Knidos type of Aphrodite. The goddess preparing for the ritual bath that restored her purity. With her right hand she holds a puff of her falling garment and covers her pubic area while her left hand holds a puff of the rest of her garment, which partly hides a vase on the ground. She stands with her upper body slightly bent forward on her right leg with er left leg slightly bent. Her head turned to the left. The hair is dressed in fine waves at either side and is tied in a chignon at the nape of her neck.
The statue is famous for its beauty, and is designed to be appreciated from every angle.
Fracture to neck repaired. An old collection label on back side.

A. de Ridder, Catalogue Collection de Clercq, Tome IV, Les Marbres, les Vases peints et les Ivoires, Paris 1906, nº 8

Collection Louis de Clercq (1836-1901), France.
Collection N. K. (1910-1996), Paris and Geneva.

H 30 cm

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