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Late Period, circa 716 – 332 BC
Bronze, traces of gold leaf and glass for the eyes.
H 26.3 cm

The god represented as a standing figure dressed in an enveloping shroud with his arms over the chest, holding the royal insignia crook and flail. Eye balls inlayed in white and pupils inlayed in black glass. He wears an Atef-crown with frontal uraeus and ostrich feathers, ram's horns protrude at each side, supporting a pair of uraeus serpents wearing the solar disc. He also wears a false beard. Foot missing, small part of upper left feather of the crown missing, left pupil modern. 

Exhibition: Emily Lowe Gallery, Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York, 6 November – 19 December 1982


Gail Gelburd, Androgyny in Art, New York, 1982 


European collection of the 1970s. Collection L. V., USA.

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