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Lekythos by the Sappho-Painter

Attic, circa 490 BC
Clay, black glaze.
H 24.4 cm

Black-figured, white-ground lekythos with two fighting warriors and one woman. Both warriors wear a high-crested helmet, greaves, cuirass, shield, sword and spear, and are dressed in a short chiton. The warrior on the right crouches backwards and tries to fend off the standing warrior's attack with his spear. Behind the standing warrior a woman in a long chiton and himation. She stretches out her right hand towards the fighters her left hand is held up defensively. Between the figures pseudo-inscriptions. The details are indicated with incised lines. Below the scene, two red lines and above a dot pattern between three black lines. On the shoulder, five palmettes and a stripe pattern.

Intact except for a small section of infill to spout and helmet of the standing warrior.


German private collection H. W. (1931-2018), acquired prior to December 1991 on the German art market.

€ 18.000