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Head vase

Roman from North Africa, circa 270 – 320 AD
H 23.7 cm

Made in a two part-mould. The front and back of this head vase were made separately. It is covered entirely in red slip. Plastic vase in the form of a female head with large conical neck. Separately worked ribbed handle and flat base. The elaborate hairstyle consists of several tresses braided and wound around the head. 

Signed on the neck: „EX OFICI / NA OLIT / RESIS.” Workshop of Olitresis. Intact. Inscription slightly worn.  

Thermoluminescence tested in 1978 and 1982.    





P. La Baume, J. W. Salomonson, Römische Kleinkunst – Sammlung Karl Löffler, Köln, Band III, no. 627


German private collection Dr. M. P. since the 1970s, acquired on the German art market.

€ 6.800