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Attic, ca 500 BC
Clay, black glaze.
H 13

Black-figured white-ground alabastron depicting a maenad between two satyrs. The maenad dances with raised arms and sweeping movements. She wears a chiton with a mantle wrapped around her shoulders and upper arms. Above her left elbow a large aryballos hanging on the wall. The satyr on her left dances facing her. She looks at the satyr on her right. He wears a cloth over his left forearm and carries a rhyton. The details of the bodies and clothing are indicated with incised lines. The three figures stand on a black line. Above the scene a band of black glaze framed by two black lines each. Intact.


The British Museum number: 1856,1226.214


German private collection H. W. (1931-2018), acquired prior to December 1991 on the German art market.

Accompanied by an Art Loss Register certificate.

€ 5.500