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Boeotian, circa 550 BC
Terracotta, brown clay slip.
H 18.5 cm

Female idol with flat body, short arms and long neck. It wears a polos headdress on its bird-like head. Attached clay strips form the long hair, which is indicated by wavy lines. The details of the patterns on the garment and the jewellery are painted in a dilute clay slip. Unbroken; losses to polos, left arm, lower body and foot area.


E. Simon, The Kurashiki Ninagawa Museum, Greek, Roman and Etruscan Antiquitis, Mainz 1982, no.122

Auction sale catalogue Christie´s New York, 12 December 2002, lot 21

Galerie Günter Puhze catalogue Kunst der Antike 17, Freiburg im Breisgau 2003, no. 106


Japanese private collection Akira Ninagawa, acquired prior to 1982.

German private collection H. W. (1931-2018), acquired 2003 on the German art market.

Accompanied by an Art Loss Register certificate.

€ 2.800