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Male figurine with short tunic

Iberian, 4th – 2nd century BC
H 7.4 cm

Upright figure of a man wearing a very short tunic, tightly belted at the waist with a wide belt. The legs are slightly apart. The upper arms are spread vertically from the body and the forearms are brought down. The hair curls outwards at the nape of the neck. Intact.


Exhibition catalogue Die Iberer, Paris, Barcelona, Bonn 1998, no. 287

Exhibition catalogue Idole – Frühe Götterbilder und Opfergaben, Prähistorische Staatssammlung München, Mainz 1985, no. 60


German private collection H. W. (1931-2018), acquired between December 1991 and July 1993 on the German art market.

Accompanied by an IADAA Interpol search certificate.

€ 3.800