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Roman, 2nd – 3rd century AD
Solid cast bronze.
H 4 cm L 5 cm

Figure of a ram with head turned slightly to the right. The ram stands on a rectangular base. The front and hind legs are each cast together. Its outward curving horns are marked by incisions; the right ear is recognisable. The eyes are notched ovals with punctate pupils; the mouth and nostrils as well as the hooves are also indicated by notches. Its fur is rendered by small punched dots over the entire body and on the tail. Intact.


Arielle P. Kozloff, Animals in Ancient Art from the Leo Mildenberg collection, 1981, no. 109


German private collection H. W. (1931-2018), acquired prior to 2000 on the German art market.

Accompanied by an IADAA Interpol search certificate.

€ 3.800